Wednesday, March 7, 2012

60,548 teachers' posts lying vacant in Punjab

Moreover,640 subject specialists (SS) of science (318 male and 322 female) and 2,016 SS Arts (990 male and 1026 female), 192 senior SS science (120 male and 72 female), 37 senior SS Arts (24 male and 13 female), 281 posts of director physical education (173 male and 108 female), 530 junior (206 male and 324 female) and 541 senior science Math teachers (216 male and 325 female),
2,373 elementary school educators (1,149 male and 1224 female), 452 senior elementary educators (240 male and 212 female) and 421 posts of secondary school educators (262 male and 159 female) are still un filled.
There are 63,674 (35,000 male and 28,674 female) governments schools (mosque, primary, elementary, high and higher secondary) in the province with a designated strength of 5,927 head teachers and other top administration but 1521 (914 male and female) still remain up for grabs.
As many as 1,118 schools amongst these (685 male and 433 female) are working without full time head teachers at present. Around 21 positions of senior head teachers (male and female), 94 principals of higher secondary schools (38 male and 56 female) besides 275 other seats (166 male and 109 female) in the schools' administration were unoccupied till the end of year 2003. On the higher education front, there are a total number of 16,077 sanctioned posts,
9723 male and 6354 female posts (23.23 percent), 2200 males and 1536 females, are vacant at present.
The breakup of these slots in the PEMIS data indicate 1691 lecturers (895 male and 796 female), 1226 assistant professors (778 male, and 448 female), 429 associate professors (311 male and 118 female) and 58 seats of professors (43 male and 9 female) are yet to be filled.
As many as 82 colleges (36 male and 46 females) of the province are functioning without proper principals and are either working without them or with acting principals. In addition to this, 151 librarians (70 males and 81 females) and 105 other administrative staff members (67 males and 38 females) are also unoccupied.
There are a total number of 36 teacher education colleges in the province 66 seats, 46 males and 20 females, (1143 percent) out of the total 577 teaching slots are vacant. Similarly there are 71 special education institutions which contains designated strength of 1063 (728 males and 335 females). Amongst these posts, 93 are yet to be filled in male special education centers along with 68 in female institutions.
The news made an attempt to contact Punjab Education Minister, Mian Imran Masood and Secretary Education, Khushnood Akhtar Lashari for comments but their phones remained unattended till late Monday night. 


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